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Edit is a German-based startup that operates in the renewable energy market, specifically in the solar energy sector. The company offers comprehensive solar solutions for homeowners, providing everything from planning to installation. Zolar's business model is centered around making solar energy accessible and affordable for individual homeowners, allowing them to save up to 2,233 Euros on electricity costs annually.

The company's services are backed by a five-year warranty, ensuring cost security and transparency for its customers. Zolar also offers a zero percent value-added tax (VAT), making the solar project even more profitable for the homeowner. The company's solar solutions start from 9,606 Euros and are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Zolar has been recognized as a top solar provider, winning first place in a comparison test with ten other German PV providers. The company has a growing network of over 700 craft partners that enable it to implement solar projects across Germany.

Zolar's customers, referred to as the 'zociety', are part of the company's mission to promote green energy. The company has over 10,000 satisfied customers who are producing their own green solar electricity. Through its 'zociety', Zolar has saved over 21,203 tons of CO2, contributing to the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

In summary, is a customer-centric solar energy provider that offers affordable and comprehensive solar solutions for homeowners in Germany. The company's business model is focused on promoting green energy and reducing the greenhouse effect.

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